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Tomer Heymann: Brought us honor in film festivals around the world

mako Pride| mako | 25/12/11 16:25

Bio-pride: One of the most prolific documentarists in Israel, and definitely one of the most significant in the gay community, is Tomer Heymann, 41 years old, raised in Kfar Yedidya, director and producer of documentaries (“It Kinda Scares Me”, “Paper Dolls”), and partner with his brother in the “Heymann Brothers Films” production company. He burst into our lives in 2001 with “It Kinda Scares Me”, which documented his work with underprivileged pre-army youths in an attempt to produce a show about their complex lives. During the making of the film, Heymann “came out” to them, and made that moment one of the most honest and memorable seen on the screen until then. From there, Heymann continued to other projects – some in his character as a proud homosexual and some about marginal stories in our society. Once it was about labor immigrants from the Philippines, who took care of elderly people during the day and appeared as drag queens at night (“Paper Dolls”, 2006), and once it was about his relationship with his partner, German dancer Andreas Merk (“I Shot My Love”, 2010). His films are very successful in Israel and abroad, and have long ago made him one of the best ambassadors of the gay community and of Israel.

What was 2011 like? Heymann earned his place in this year’s Hall of Fame with “The Queen Has No Crown”, which described his family through materials he had shot over many years. While shattering the ‘happy family’ myth, Heymann managed to describe his relationship with his twin brother, his divorced parents, and the characters he had relationships with over the years in Israel and abroad. Together with the viewer, Heymann goes through a maturing process alongside his nieces and nephews and the personal dialog with them about his sexual preferences. The film was highly successful in Israel and all over the world, and Tomer was invited to participate in many international film festivals, including the first gay film festival in Turkey, where he went despite the tension between the countries. Heymann is soon going to participate in an underground film festival in Indonesia, where he also intends to bring his Israeliness and…

The editorial staff’s wishes for 2012: More of Heymann’s films that are so good at explaining to us who we are.

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